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Finally got around to making a personal- Yo! Call me P.D. I'm here to: RP, post art, get commissions. Don't be afraid to talk to me! x3

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So while I was drawing this - [link] for my friend Carol I was talking to her about ways to adjust to villianizing. People are quick to typset a particular personality for people (not just characters). *shrug* It happens.

This was happening with her General Winter character, Vlad.

I suggested that Vlad get a pet. ||DD Some sort of weasel or stoat. It’s name should be Boris.
And then the crackpalistic idea just snowballed from there. xD As you can see, Boris loves chestnuts and getting his chin scratched. Giorgi ( :iconprussianchain: ’s character ) doesn’t apperciate the sentiment.

Boris (crapalistic idea by me 8D)
Giorgi - :iconprussianchain:

If you can guess what retro-cartoon character inspired the weasel, you get a cookie.

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